Current Masjid
ISS has been housed in two old, residential-style buildings bought decades ago. We need to respond positively to
the progress and development around us and construct a
new masjid and an Islamic Center. Such an Islamic center
is not only vital to muslims in the area but would also contribute to cultural diversity.

The pictures below show the old buildings that we are looking to replace with a modern facility. We are actively
seeking donations to construct a new masjid and Islamic center in place of the current buildings. You can click on the
images below to enlarge them.
Front View of Current Masjid
Entrance to the Masjid (men's section)
Entrance to women's Section
Inside Men's Prayer Hall
Masjid Project
The Muslim community in Stillwater, Oklahoma is asking you
your help and support. We are in dire need for your
donations that,
by the help of ALLAH, will allow us to            
continue to exist and to keep our masjid vital and in

We are a
growing community of students attending
Oklahoma State University (OSU), besides American muslims.
Our members come from all corners of the world; from
Indonesia and Malaysia on the East to Tunisia and Morocco
on the West along with many American Muslims.

Decades ago, when the first Muslims arrived in Stillwater,
they established the Islamic Society of Stillwater (ISS). They
also purchased an existing single-family house in close
proximity to the university and used it as a masjid to perform
prayers and to hold social and cultural activities.

Now, the physical structure of this masjid is
aging and
. The structure has reached the end of its life
expectancy. We are in a serious critical situation, in which we
have to rebuild the masjid. We ask for your support for the
noble cause of rebuilding a Masjid.

An official Building & Expansion Committee comprising of
professional experts within the community has been formed
by Islamic Society of Stillwater to develop and execute plans
to build a new facility. The new facility will be an
that would serve as a venue for cultural exchange
between Islam and cultures of the World.
New Masjid and Islamic Center Project- An Appeal for Your Help
Islamic Society of Stillwater
Project Flier and Brochure (Downloadable)

You can also view our project flier and Brochure in Arabic here. To view/save these documents on your
computer, right-click the link below and select "Save Target As..." from the menu.

View/Download the Flier- (English)

View/Download the Brochure- (Arabic)

ISS is a Federally-registered, non-profit religious organization.
Click here to view our Not-for-Profit Certificate of Incorporation.

Questions and enquiries about the new Masjid Project can be e-mailed to the Chairman of
the ISS Board at
The majority of our members are students and cannot secure sufficient funds to build a new Islamic Center.
Without your financial help, we will not be able to proceed with the plans to build a new vital Islamic Center that
will facilitate cultural exchange and will clear current misconceptions of Islam and Muslims.
ISS Future Plan

    1. Build a new, durable and nice-looking masjid.
    2. Maintain our current location.
    3. Program includes a library to participate in OSU related activities.
    4. Program includes an activity center for sisters and a weekend Islamic school.

You can also read an article on this project which was published recently.
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If you would like to donate for this noble cause and earn reward from ALLAH
(SWT), please
click here for details.
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